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Marvel's Iron Man VR Receives Permanent Price Cut On Quest

Iron Man VR key art

Marvel's Iron Man VR is now slightly cheaper on Quest 2, thanks to a permanent price reduction.

Appearing last November on Quest 2, Iron Man VR comes from Camouflaj and Endeavor One. Announced by Meta soon after revealing the Meta Quest+ subscription program, Tony Stark's action-adventure is now permanently available for $29.99. That's 25% off the original price and if you receive a referral link from a friend, you can discount it again for a further 25% off.

Originally a PSVR exclusive, Iron Man VR appeared on Quest following Meta's acquisition of Camouflaj. Offering reduced loading times and improved controls on the standalone headset, our recommended review believed it "stands tall as the definitive version" of this action-adventure.

It’s a game that uses interactivity to capture the essence of the character in the same way that Insomniac and Rocksteady have done on flatscreen platforms with Spider-Man and Batman. The difference is that virtual reality allows Camouflaj to put the character directly into the hands of the player, creating an experience that is faithful to its origins but wholly more immersive.

Iron Man VR is available now on Quest 2 for $29.99, while the original PSVR release remains unaffected.

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