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PSVR Exclusive Iron Man VR Launches July 3

After multiple delays Sony Interactive Entertainment updated its release date for Iron Man VR to July 3.

In January the game was delayed into May and then COVID-19-related issues saw the game pushed indefinitely as Sony’s PlayStation and other game platforms saw a cascade of effects from the pandemic, including changes to quality assurance testing processes.

Iron Man VR is a major PSVR exclusive and perhaps one of the last before the arrival of PS5. The upcoming console is compatible with the current PSVR headset and most PS4 games are expected to run on the new system. We’re not expecting a new PSVR anytime soon, however, so we’ll be curious to see how Iron Man VR holds up on the new console with the original headset. The situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve so we’re curious to see if PS5 is able to keep to a 2020 launch and, if Sony is able to pull it off, whether there will be enough of the systems available to meet demand.

Iron Man VR of course puts you in the role of Tony Stark with innovative features that see the game giving you some freedom of movement not found in other PSVR titles. You can see some of the 360 gameplay in our video here:

We’re looking forward to checking out the finished Iron Man VR this summer and imagine a lot of PSVR owners out there are excited the game received an updated release date that’s not pushed too much further out.

Are you excited to play Iron Man VR? Let us know in the comments below.

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