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Check Out 20 Minutes Of Iron Man VR Gameplay From Comic-Con

Check Out 20 Minutes Of Iron Man VR Gameplay From Comic-Con

PlayStation, Marvel and Camouflaj have played their cards close to their chest on Iron Man VR thus far. That changed at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend; we have about 20 minutes of Iron Man VR gameplay to showcase.

The game featured on Marvel’s own livestream coverage over the weekend. Developer Camouflaj’s Ryan Paton joins the company on-stage to walk people through the first area of the game. It’s set out on the coast out by Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion, letting players glide over the water. You can also see more of this level in the featurette released for the game on Friday.

There are some really cool takeaways from this footage. First of all, the moment when you first enter a level you can see the iconic Iron Man HUD light up for the first time. We also see some of the game’s combat and a sneak peek at an important member of the Iron Man cast: Pepper Potts.

Finally, you can see how easily a first-time player picks up the controls. As we previously reported, Camouflaj developed prediction algorithms to help players maintain the control even if the camera can’t see the Move controllers. It’s not perfect; Paton does ask the player to turn around once or twice, but it’s remarkably hassle-free.

Iron Man VR is expected to release later this year. Camouflaj is promising a full campaign with an original story. The team isn’t just creating an experience to embody Iron Man but also Tony Stark as well. We’ll be following the game closely.

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