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Stalker-Inspired Shooter Into The Radius Is Coming To Quest 2

Stalker-Inspired Shooter Into The Radius Is Coming To Quest 2

Slow-paced survival shooter, Into The Radius, is on its way to Quest 2.

Developer CM Games confirmed the news today. The Quest port is being handled by a different studio in “close collaboration” with CM, and is due to arrive on the platform in September. We also got our first look at footage from the standalone version of the game, which you can see below.

Into The Radius takes clear inspiration from the STALKER series of atmospheric shooters, forcing players to use stealth and maintain their gear as they explore a harsh and unforgiving landscape. The game first came to PC VR headsets via early access a few years back, and since launched in full, although CM Games still adds new updates to it.

In today’s update, the studio confirmed that this version will have the same content and features as the PC version, and that both editions of the game will get content updates going forward. Though some of the work bringing the game to Quest will find its way to PC, the studio says the original version of the game will not suffer graphically.

We thought the 2020 edition of the game was a decent shooter, though it lacked polish. We’ll definitely be interested to revisit the game later on in the year to find out how it’s shaping up, then.

Don’t want to wait another 5 months? A private beta will be launching soon, and you can sign up to take part here. Are you going to be checking out Into The Radius on Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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