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In Death: Unchained Oculus Quest vs PC VR Graphics Comparison

In Death: Unchained Oculus Quest vs PC VR Graphics Comparison

From today you can head to hell in In Death: Unchained on Oculus Quest. But should you dive in if you already own, or have access to the PC VR version?

We’re back with our usual graphics comparison to help answer that question. Let’s start off with the obvious advantages that In Death: Unchained brings. As we said in our review, being able to play the game in full without any wires is a major upgrade from a comfort and immersion side. This is an active, demanding game that requires players to take advantage of any help they can get, and tether-free gameplay really does enhance the action.

Unchained also brings an exclusive level as showcased in our preview last week. We’d argue that, if you haven’t already sprung on any version of the game, that might be enough to dig in here.

But if visuals are especially important to you, you should be prepared for a bit of a downgrade here. In Death was one of the better-looking PC VR titles when it launched a few years back and, while new developer Superbright has done it’s best to maintain the core aesthetic, the differences are obvious. Character models are stripped down and environmental textures are much blurrier. You can notice a striking difference in the grainy quality that wooden weapons boast on PC against the more uniform versions on Quest.

Even so, these concessions were no doubt necessary to get the game running on Quest, and the pros far outweigh the cons. Unchained brings more of the In Death you know and love to a great VR headset, and it comes with our full recommendation. The game’s out now for $29.99.

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