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Immortal Legacy Looks Like A Promising PSVR FPS In New Gameplay

Immortal Legacy Looks Like A Promising PSVR FPS In New Gameplay

Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher, previously known as Kill X, is coming to PSVR very soon. Judging by this new gameplay clip, it looks half decent.

Sony revealed new footage of the game as part of its recent China Hero Project update. The initiative is designed to support up and coming Chinese developers. In Immortal Legacy’s case, Sony is actually going to publish the game itself. That put the game on our radar in a big way.

The four minutes of gameplay on offer here might suggest why Sony took developer Viva Games under its wing. This doesn’t look like a simple wave shooter or on-rails experience but a fully fledged VR FPS. We can see an inventory system, elements of storytelling and some good spooky scares. It’s on the intense side, too; at one point the player falls through the floor without warning.

There are some nice ideas at play in Immortal Legacy too, like fish that bite into your arm and must be sliced off with a knife. The game also just looks pretty great on the visuals side.

We played a very early demo for the game a few years back. At the time it was a little rough around the edges but held promise. Hopefully, it’s had a much-needed tune-up since then. We’re less enthused about the horrid bug monster infesting the display with cockroaches, but we’ll just have to be brave.

Immortal Legacy is set to launch on March 20th. We’ll be bringing you full coverage of the game as the month goes on.

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