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Immersed Launches Free Oculus Quest App To Work On Your PC Or Mac In VR

Immersed Launches Free Oculus Quest App To Work On Your PC Or Mac In VR

A new productivity app called Immersed brings your full PC or Mac into VR and is now officially available for free download in the Oculus Store for Quest.

The app was announced as coming soon to Quest a while back and it is a bit of a mashup between Virtual Desktop and Bigscreen, with a focus toward productivity in VR and a tier that allows usage of the basic app for free with your computer’s actual monitor setup plus one extra simulated monitor. There’s also a paid tier, though, at $14.99 per month (as of this writing) which adds more simulated screens which is tailored toward small teams working together inside virtual reality.

There’s also an enterprise pricing tier planned as well but below is a break down of the features available in the two tiers available at launch.

“Desktop” Free:

  • Desktop in VR (hi-res, lag-free)
  • 1 Additional Virtual Monitor
  • Virtual Webcam
  • Offline Mode
  • Public Virtual Co-Working
  • Remote Desktop coming soon

“Elite” $14.99 per month

  • All features in the free tier plus:
  • 5 Virtual Monitors
  • All New Premium environments
  • 4 private collaborators
  • Shared Whiteboard
  • Use 2+ computers simultaneously coming soon
  • “Limitless” (Focus) Mode coming soon
  • Customizable Workspaces coming soon

While Bigscreen has become tuned toward a kind of virtual movie theater and Virtual Desktop can be tweaked on Oculus Quest so that it runs PC VR games wirelessly, Immersed is aimed squarely at virtual workspaces and collaboration with colleagues and its developers continue to evolve the product toward that goal. The app comes with a free 14-day trial of the “Elite” tier and you can continue to use the free tier after the trial ends.

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