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‘Immersed’ And ‘Spatial’ Apps Come To Oculus Quest In Remote Work Push

‘Immersed’ And ‘Spatial’ Apps Come To Oculus Quest In Remote Work Push

Two powerful remote work apps are available on Oculus Quest and coming to its official store later this year.

Immersed is a bit like Bigscreen and Virtual Desktop with strong support for accessing your Mac or other types of PCs in a VR headset with real-time desktop sharing while Spatial is a cross-device colocation platform that brings together distant teams to work on projects together in shared space.

Each can be accessed and tested for free on Quest now by signing up on their respective websites for early access. Immersed can be found here while Spatial is here.

While other types of software exist that do some of these things — like the apps listed above and the Spaces video conferencing add-on — these new services are being rapidly updated and honed to fill the needs or remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Spatial, for example, is announced as being free during the pandemic while Immersed plans to update so it can connect to “all of your computers to your headset simultaneously, streaming your avatar to your Zoom calls, workspace customization, presentation mode, team/user-access management, workflow-integration,” according to the company.

Representatives from both companies say they’ve seen huge spikes in demand since the start of the pandemic. Immersed is also accessible via Oculus Go while Spatial features support for HoloLens, Magic Leap and soon Nreal’s AR glasses, with support for more traditional devices like phones, tablets and laptops as well.

We’re planning to test both services soon, so subscribe to our YouTube channel to see those videos and other great footage of VR apps, and let us know in the comments below if you have any questions you’d like us to answer when we test them out.

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