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Ilysia Launches Beta Access Sale, Quest 1 & PSVR Versions Still Coming

Ilysia Launches Beta Access Sale, Quest 1 & PSVR Versions Still Coming

You can now buy access to VR MMO Ilysia’s first beta testing phase, but it won’t get you access to the final product.

Developer Team 21 just launched a store selling keys for testing the title, which is about to wrap up its second round of alpha testing. A date for the first beta hasn’t been confirmed but, in an interview arriving later this week, Creative Director Arthur Fogle assured UploadVR it would be this year.

Access to the beta itself costs $9.99, and testing will run through both PC VR and Quest. But the listing for access confirms that this “Does not include a digital copy of Ilysia”. Fogle later told us that Team 21 would offer access to the full game during the beta testing phases, though it’s unclear how that will look right now. You can also buy a $19.99 Ultimate Beta Bundle which includes a special blade, pet and mount.

Elsewhere in our interview, Fogle confirmed that the Quest 1 and PSVR 1 versions of Ilysia are still in development, and there was a tease for PSVR 2, too.

“A bunch of users are using Quest 1 right now,” he said. “We always make sure that we still run on the hardware. If it’s still in the market, to me, it’s still relevant. PSVR one is the exact same thing. We’re still deving for that [and] looking forward to PSVR 2 with the thumbsticks, finally.

“Not everybody can run out and grab the newest hottest thing. So we have to keep that in mind as we continue to move forward as developers.”

Look out for our full interview with Fogle later this week.

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