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Hungry Shark Is The Latest VR Game From Ubisoft

Hungry Shark Is The Latest VR Game From Ubisoft

Following two intriguing games for high end VR platforms, videogame publishing giant Ubisoft’s next title turns to mobile VR with Hungry Shark VR.

Available now on Google’s Daydream platform for $4.99, Hungry Shark does pretty much what it says on the tin; you have to eat your way through the ocean, taking part in races, exploring ship wrecks and hunting for food. The game features fully explorable 360 degree environments which you navigate using the Daydream controller.

As you play, you’ll unlock new types of sharks to play as and avoid divers on the hunt for you.

The game launches just a few weeks ahead of the release of Ubisoft’s biggest VR title yet, Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The publisher also has an entry in its Rabbids series coming to Daydream later down the line.


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