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HTC's Vive Tracker Passes FCC Regulations

HTC's Vive Tracker Passes FCC Regulations

HTC’s new Tracker peripherals for the Vive VR headset are expected to launch soon, and they may have just passed a big milestone.

It appears that, just a few days ago, the Tracker passed testing at the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the US agency that regulates electronic devices that communicate wirelessly. tracker-fcc

This could mean a whole host of Vive-compatible add-ons are one step closer to their Q2 2017 release window. These peripherals are designed to enhance your VR experience by attaching the Tracker to real world items that you can then bring into the virtual world. The Trackers are essentially just extra markers for the Vive’s base stations to pick up on, a lot like the controllers you hold in your hands.


We’re already seeing some pretty inspiring uses for the Trackers. One developer is attaching them to smartphones that can then act as windows into the virtual world and even then be used for local multiplayer experiences. Even developers without the kit are acting upon their potential; Island 359 developer CloudGate Studio recently posted footage of full body tracking made possible with two Vive controllers stuck to the user’s feet, which will be swapped out for the Trackers soon.

We don’t yet have a price for the Trackers but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we do. Combined with the new integrated audio strap that was also announced at CES, Vive is set to have a big year.

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