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HTC Vive Reflects On One Year Of VR With New Video

HTC Vive Reflects On One Year Of VR With New Video

As of yesterday the HTC Vive is one year old, and PC-based VR in general is only a week older. We’ve had 12 months of new VR games, apps, and experiences that are unlike anything else in any other medium. But what have been some of the developer’s favorite projects?

That’s what this latest video from HTC asks. The seven minute clip gathers some of VR’s best creators including members of Cloudhead Games, Owlchemy Labs, Cloudgate Studios, and the developers of Smashbox Arena to discuss what really thrilled them in VR’s first year. Some of them even talk about their biggest surprises of the year, including the new Vive Tracker. There may or may not also be a glimpse of a surprisingly handsome UploadVR editor in there.

Finally, everyone talks about what they’re looking forward to most in the second year. From the sounds of it, it’s going to be another busy 12 months.

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