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HTC Vive Pro Eye Gets A Price Cut And New Bundles

HTC Vive Pro Eye Gets A Price Cut And New Bundles

Hot off the heels of introducing new models of its Vive Cosmos consumer headset, HTC is today introducing two new editions of its enterprise-focused Vive Pro Eye device, along with a small price cut.

The Vive Pro Eye itself is now down to $1,399/£1,299 from $1,599/£1,499. Initially introduced last year, the Vive Pro Eye is very similar to the HTC Vive Pro, boasting improved ergonomics and screen resolution over the original Vive. As the name suggests, though, the Vive Pro Eye features eye-tracking, which can be used as a form of VR input or foveated rendering.

The first new offering for the kit is the $/1,599£1,551 Vive Pro Eye Office. This comes packaged with HTC’s ‘Vive Enterprise Business Warranty & Service’. The second is the $2,350/£2,280 Vive Pro Eye Office Arena Bundle. This adds in an extra two SteamVR 2.0 base stations, allowing for wider tracking areas (up to 10 m by 10m) and is fitted with a 20m fiber cable. As these extras suggest, this is intended for people using VR across a wide area, like arcades.

This news comes just after HTC revealed new bundles for the Vive Cosmos, including a cheaper Cosmos Play option and a SteamVR faceplate option for $899. Cosmos is HTC’s consumer-focused offering whereas Vive Pro Eye is largely intended for enterprise customers, though there’s nothing stopping VR enthusiasts picking it up. Judging by these prices, though, you’ll need deep pockets.

Does this Vive Pro Eye price cut have you considering picking up HTC’s headset? Let us know in the comments below!

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