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CES 2019: Watch HTC Vive's Press Conference Live

CES 2019: Watch HTC Vive's Press Conference Live

If you’re a regular to HTC Vive’s press conferences you’ll know the company isn’t too big on streaming. Well never fear, we’re in the room for the company’s CES 2019 show and we’re going to try to broadcast it.

Emphasis on try.

We’re streaming the show from a phone inside the room. Connection’s pretty good right now but that can always change. Please bear with us if we run into any technical difficulties or if the stream’s a little fuzzy. Enjoy!

We’re hoping for a big show from HTC. There’s been speculation about a new device named ‘Vive Cosmos’ in the past few months. Is it a new PC VR headset with inside-out tracking? Does it have a VirtualLink connection? Or is it something else entirely? If there’s any weight to those rumors we’ll probably find out here.

Other than that let’s just hope for a lot of awesome new VR stuff. The Vive Focus standalone VR headset is already available to businesses and the new 6DOF controllers are already shipping out to developers, so we’re a little curious as to what else there is to announce. We’re hoping for some new games and experiences at the very least.

Stick around after the show; we’re at CES all week to get hands-on with all things VR. Hopefully we’ll have some hands-on time with whatever HTC is announcing today. Either way, it’s going to be a big week.

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