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HTC: Valve Still 'Very Committed' To Three VR Games

HTC: Valve Still 'Very Committed' To Three VR Games

Earlier this year we heard that Valve is making three of its own VR games. Since then we’ve heard absolutely nothing about what they are or when they might release. Don’t worry; they’re still very much on the way.

Dan O’Brien, General Manager for HTC Vive in the US, told Glixel as much in a recent interview. “I manage the relationship with Valve,” he said. “I meet with Valve weekly to talk about everything from what’s happening on new content launching to new product launches to new features and new functions. They are very committed; they are still committed to delivering on that promise.”

O’Brien would not, however, give any hints as to what the games were. Valve has already promised that they’ll be ‘full’ experiences, though.

HTC, of course, works closely with Valve as the first to partner with the company on its SteamVR platform, leading to the creation of the Vive itself. It makes sense, then, that O’Brien would be kept up to date with Valve’s projects.

Exactly what Valve’s games are is one of the biggest questions in VR right now. Before it was known for VR, the company created some of the most popular games on the planet including Half-Life, Left4Dead and Portal. A sequel to any of those in VR would be very welcome (not to mention possibly the biggest release in VR to date), but we’d also like to see the company try its hand at some new universes and characters. We had our own guess at what they’d be earlier this year.

At Vive’s launch, Valve released a free collection of showcase VR experiences called The Lab.

Perhaps 2018 will bring at least one of these games? Fingers crossed.


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