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HTC Trademark Suggests Vive Focus Is Standalone VR Headset's Name

HTC Trademark Suggests Vive Focus Is Standalone VR Headset's Name

We’re expecting to find out more about HTC’s Vive-branded standalone VR headset in a few weeks’ time, but it looks like the name has already surfaced online.

Lets Go Digital has uncovered two filings from HTC for a ‘head mounted display’ named Vive Focus. One is from the European Union Intellectual Property Office while the other is from the United States Patent And Trademark Office. Both applications were filed last week and, as far as we know, the only new headset HTC has on the horizon right now is its standalone device. It would seem the device is indeed called Vive Focus, then.

The standalone will be running on Google’s Daydream mobile VR platform and the hardware will be based on a reference design made by the search engine giant in partnership with Qualcomm. The headset will offer six degrees of freedom (6DOF) positional tracking with 3DOF motion controls and have access to the wide range of content already on Daydream such as games like Eclipse: Edge of Light and apps like Google Street View.

Yesterday we reported that Google will be hosting a press conference on October 4th, where we’re expecting to learn more about the Vive Focus, which is due for launch later this year. So far we have no idea what the headset will cost, nor what month it will launch in. We’re also expecting to see the reveal of the next Pixel phone, which will likely also support Daydream.

Vive will also be releasing a similar standalone device in China, though this won’t be supported by Daydream. No word yet on if it will carry the same branding, though.

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