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House Flipper Pets VR Announced For PC VR

House Flipper Pets VR Announced For PC VR

The House Flipper series is coming back to VR, this time with pets in tow.

Developer Petard Games, together with publisher Frozen Way, this week announced House Flipper Pets VR. It’s an all-new game in the series which features the same base mechanics as the original House Flipper VR, just this time with some very good dogs and also some very bad cats making a mess of things. Check it out in the trailer below.

House Flipper Pets VR Trailer

The House Flipper series sees you clean out long-abandoned spaces and turn them into wonder-homes, fully changing the look of a house. In the Pets version, you’ll find animals that already live in the given house. Alongside cleaning up and buying new furniture, you’ll also have to feed them, pet them, play with them and provide new items for them to interact with.

Also new to this entry in the series is co-op. You’ll be able to tackle interior overhauls with a friend.

And, to be clear, this is a full standalone release that’s separate from the original House Flipper VR. The flat-screen House Flipper game is also getting a Pets edition, but that’s intended to be DLC for the original title. So far the game’s only been confirmed for launch on PC VR headsets (the SteamVR page is up now), but the original House Flipper VR did also come to Quest, so there’s a chance we see it there too.

Are you going to be checking out House Flipper Pets VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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