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Hotel R'n'R Is Coming To PSVR This Month, Leaving Early Access

Hotel R'n'R Is Coming To PSVR This Month, Leaving Early Access

Here’s an oddly satisfying thing to say on a purely grammatical level: Wolf & Wood’s Hotel R’n’R is landing on PSVR this month.

The smash ’em up VR game is landing on Sony’s headset on May 28th. At the same time the game will be coming out of Early Access on PC VR headsets. Check out the trailer below.

In Hotel R’n’R, you’re tasked with smashing up hotel rooms as quickly and efficiently as possible to please the devil (because of course). Gameplay offers physics-driven carnage; plates are smashed against walls, bathroom railings are torn from the sides and thrown into shower doors, and hotel staff are promptly abused when they try and interfere.

As you play you’ll earn better weapons for more effective destruction, including items that give objects special properties, like creating a super-bouncy bowling ball. Yup, it’s about as mad as it sounds – we previewed the game last year and had a lot of fun with its brand of mayhem.

For PSVR launch, the game’s getting new models, weapons and levels. “There’s now a Robot Vacuum that is a mini-tank when you glue Fireworks and a Tomahawk to it!” Wolf & Wood’s Ryan Bousfield said in a prepared statement. There’s the Charity Auction, a whole new level that has a huge claw that can pick up tables and pianos, and ‘Envy’, a Streetfighter II inspired mini-game based on The Devil’s jealousy for the Popemobile.”

Will you be picking up Hotel R’n’R on PSVR (still satisfying)? Lets us know in the comments below!

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