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Citadel Is The Second Horizon Worlds Game Built By Meta With Imported 3D Assets

Citadel Is The Second Horizon Worlds Game Built By Meta With Imported 3D Assets

Citadel is an FPS adventure built in Horizon Worlds using the platform's upcoming new creator tools.

Meta actually describes Citadel as a "rogue-lite action-adventure puzzle platformer FPS", which can be played solo or co-op with a friend.

Currently, third party Horizon creators have to build worlds entirely inside VR, placing and manipulating primitive colored shapes using the tracked controllers and then using a spatial visual scripting system to add dynamic functionality. But this results in a crude simplistic graphics style that has faced widespread ridicule when seen in screenshots outside VR.

Citadel is the second game to be built using two new tools: textured 3D asset importing from desktop PC software and TypeScript, a popular language based on JavaScript.

The first game was a six player free-for-all shooter called Super Rumble, which launched in July. Super Rumble was also the first Horizon world available in the mobile & web closed beta.

When releasing Super Rumble, Meta said it was created by a new internal games studio called Ouro Interactive, and it would be just one of many "marquee titles" that will launch on Horizon over the next six months from both Ouro and select third party studios.

We've reached out to Meta to ask whether Citadel was built by Ouro too, and whether it also supports mobile & web.

Meta isn't yet making the new tools available to general creators, and hasn't yet given a date for that happening. It could be announced at the company's yearly conference, Connect, which this year is scheduled for September 27.

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