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PSVR 2's Horizon Call Of The Mountain Features 'Multiple Paths'

PSVR 2's Horizon Call Of The Mountain Features 'Multiple Paths'

Upcoming PSVR 2 exclusive Horizon Call of the Mountain will feature “multiple paths” for players to pursue.

An updated webpage for the game — as mentioned by PSVR Without Parole — confirms as much. The description for the game notes that players will “Explore a diverse landscape – embark on a journey with multiple paths to take where you’ll have to look all around you to uncover the secrets of the mountains.”

New Horizon Call of the Mountain Details Revealed

This suggests that Call of the Mountain won’t feature a huge open-world like the flatscreen games it’s based on. That said, we were never really expecting for this new game to be on the same scale as its siblings, and this page does at least confirm the game won’t be fully linear.

A GIF for the game also shows protagonist Ryas defending himself from one enemy with another in the background. There had been speculation from past trailers that you might only take on one machine at a time but this suggests otherwise.

Call of the Mountain is also expected to feature an introductory boat ride experience for new players. Currently, the game doesn’t have a release date but, then again, we don’t even know when PSVR 2 itself is going to launch right now.

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