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HordeZ Studio Zenz VR Joins Wands Developer Cortopia

HordeZ Studio Zenz VR Joins Wands Developer Cortopia

Stockholm-based Cortopia Studios is best known for its debut VR game, Wands, which set a high bar for VR experiences on mobile platforms with multiplayer spell casting. This month, though, Cortopia is announcing that it’s bringing another VR developer under its wing.

HordeZ creator Zenz VR has joined the studio after Cortopia acquired a 51% stake in it. As a result, Cortopia will be lending support to Zenz, which currently has two VR games in Early Access and is working on a fourth, unrevealed project. Speaking to UploadVR over email, Cortopia’s John Milburn noted that ZenzVR would continue to operate as before, though Cortopia would assist with “practical things” like marketing, for example.

Zenz’s first VR game was HordeZ, an on-rails arcade shooter that had you gunning down hordes of zombie-style enemies. Its follow-up, Xion, is a unique twist on the shoot-em’ up genre that has players building and steering a spaceship with their hands. X-Fire, meanwhile, is a new shooter with rogue-like elements that has you making your way through large levels. The studio is headed up by Niklas Persson, the creator of WW2 shooter, Codename: Eagle, which is widely regarded as a spiritual predecessor to the Battlefield series.

Over on Cortopia’s side, the studio is still working on updates for Wands, which recently landed on Oculus Go.

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