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Excellent VR Archery Game Holopoint Hits Oculus Quest Soon

Excellent VR Archery Game Holopoint Hits Oculus Quest Soon

Our VR fitness prayers have been answered; a Holopoint Oculus Quest version is coming soon.

The game was recently listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ section on the Oculus Quest store. Developer Alzan Studios hasn’t shared an exact release date, but games that reach the Coming Soon section are usually just a few weeks out from release. Check out the trailer for the PC VR sequel, Holopoint Chronicle, below.

Holopoint Oculus Quest Confirmed

Holopoint first came to PC VR headsets years back and offers one of the most physically demanding experiences you’ll find in VR. You wield a bow and arrow and must shoot holographic targets in a dojo. But, once you hit a target, it will fire back at you before disappearing. You’ll need to lean out of the way, and there’s only limited room for error. Plus, any targets left to linger too long will also fire at you.

This makes for an incredibly intense experience that has you spinning on the spot and ducking out of the way over and over again. To this day it remains one of the most exhausting VR games and we’ve long wanted to see it on Quest, where the lack of wires should give players the confidence to do all those spins.

Indeed, the description for the game notes that it was “designed so that only a few determined archers will reach the last wave.”

We reviewed Holopoint’s surprise sequel on PC early last year. “Holopoint Chronicle is a fitting follow-up to a VR fitness gem with some welcome additions,” we said. “This remains one of VR’s most engaging active games even if it requires a strong stomach (in more ways than one).”

Will you be picking up Holopoint Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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