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Hitman 3 Epic Games Store Exclusivity Casts Further Doubt On PC VR Support At Launch

Hitman 3 Epic Games Store Exclusivity Casts Further Doubt On PC VR Support At Launch

Hitman 3 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive at launch on PC next year, casting further doubt that this version of the game will get VR support around that time.

Earlier this month developer IO Interactive announced that its upcoming assassination game would support PSVR when it launches in January. Naturally, people wanted to know if a PC VR version was on the cards too.

In a Reddit AMA last week, however, IO heavily implied that Hitman 3 would only be on PSVR at launch, but didn’t outright deny a PC VR version could ever happen. Yesterday’s news of Epic Game Store exclusivity further suggests PC VR support won’t be available at launch, though. For starters, EGS has only a handful of VR compatible titles like Tetris Effect, and doesn’t sell VR exclusive games; it’s not a big focus for the platform at all. More importantly, though, it means the game won’t be sold on the VR-exclusive Oculus Store, nor on Steam, another major destination for selling VR titles.

This is all speculation on our part, but it seems possible both PSVR and EGS exclusivity are timed deals for Hitman 3, so we could well see PC VR support if and when it comes to other platforms later down the line.

That said, it seems like the game would need some work to run on PC VR setups. So far, IO Interactive has only confirmed the game works with the motion tracking on DualShock 4 on PSVR, and not with the Move motion controllers.

Along with yesterday’s announcement, though, IO did reveal a new level for Hitman 3, set in England. Naturally, you’ll be able to see this level in VR in the PlayStation version of the game, though whether that’s on PS4 or PS5 remains a bit of a mystery for now.

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