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Here's What's In PSVR's Updated Demo Disc

Here's What's In PSVR's Updated Demo Disc

As we heard last week, new bundles for Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset are set to include an updated demo disc with more up-to-date content than the launch titles available in the original package. So what exactly is in the new bundle?

We reached out to Sony with that very question and they came back with the full list of (mostly) fresh demos that will be included not just with new PSVR units but should also release on the PlayStation Store as a free download as early as tomorrow if the EU PlayStation Blog is anything to go by.

The disc includes:

– Job Simulator

– Moss

– Starblood Arena

– Thumper

– Eve Valkyrie

– Rez Infinite

– Fantastic Contraption

– Raw Data

– The Persistence

– Tiny Trax

– BattleZone

– Star Child

– Dino Frontier

Now, as you can see, there are a few demos there that overlap with the previous bundle like CCP Games’ EVE: Valkyrie (which is an interesting choice given recent turbulent news surrounding the project). There are also a lot of games that have released over the past year like Fantastic Contraption, Raw Data and Tiny Trax. For people just getting into PSVR, it’s a pretty healthy selection of experiences.

Fans that already own the headset will surely be happy to get their first hands-on with some of PSVR’s most promising upcoming games, though. Moss, the adorable third-person action game starring a friendly mouse, may not be releasing until 2018, but you’ll get your first taste of it in this package. The same goes for Playful Corps’ mysterious Star Child, and we’ll even get a glimpse at promising procedurally-generated horror game, The Persistence.

Not a bad haul, then. You’ll start seeing the disc itself roll out with the new Gran Turismo and Skyrim VR bundles announced over the past few days.

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