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Here's Why Fallout 4 VR Doesn't Include Any DLC

Here's Why Fallout 4 VR Doesn't Include Any DLC

The VR community was upset last week when it learned that Bethesda’s VR port of Fallout 4 would only include the core game, omitting the six DLC packs that released after launch. The news was especially unexpected considering the upcoming VR version of Skyrim does include all of its expansions. Now we know why that’s the case.

Speaking to UploadVR at QuakeCon last week, Bethesda VP of Marketing Pete Hines explained why Fallout 4 wouldn’t include any DLC.

“We had done some work already with Skyrim and the Game of the Year [Edition] that already had all of that stuff,” Hines said. “It was more that that was the codebase and starting point for doing the VR version, and that simply didn’t exist for Fallout. What we started with was just base game [for Fallout 4] and game of the year with all the DLC [for Skyrim], so that’s why those versions look like those versions.”

When asked if Fallout 4 VR might get its DLC added on at a later date Hines simply replied: “I don’t know.”

While it’s disappointing that the six add-ons won’t be included in Fallout 4 VR — especially considering the game costs $59.99 and a Game of the Year edition is releasing for the original versions in September — there’s still plenty of content on offer in the base game.

Fallout VR hits on December 12th on HTC Vive, while Skyrim VR arrives on November 17th for PSVR. Doom VFR, meanwhile, releases in between both on December 1st for PSVR and Vive.

Upload contributor Andrew Hayward conducted the interview for this article. Look for his full piece later this week.

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