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Here's When You Can 'Play Robinson: The Journey' on PS VR

Here's When You Can 'Play Robinson: The Journey' on PS VR

PlayStation VR is launching tomorrow with a huge line-up of games, but one of its most promising is still about a month out.

Crytek today announced that its upcoming Robinson: The Journey will be arriving on November 8th in North America and November 9th in Europe. We previously hoped the game would be ready for launch but, as with a handful of other titles like Windlands, it’s instead being spread out across the Q4 2016 launch window.

Revealed last October, Robinson is a first-person adventure game in which players step into the shoes of Robin, a young boy that crash lands on an alien planet filled with dinosaurs. Accompanied by an AI companion and a pet dinosaur named Laika, Robin explores the lush world around him, solving puzzles and interacting with the prehistoric beasts. It’s a lavishly-produced experience, running on the developer’s own CryEngine to produce richly-detailed worlds with full voice acting.

We’ve gone hands-on with the game a few times now and found a lot of promise in its gorgeous world. If its 3 – 5 hour campaign can remain interesting throughout and is priced appropriately, it could be one of PS VR’s most compelling experiences.

For now, Robinson is exclusive to PS VR, but it looks like the game could come to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift later down the line. A PlayStation Blog post listing upcoming titles for the headset states that you’ll can play the game “first” on PS4, rather than explicitly calling it an exclusive. It sounds like this could be a timed-exclusive, similar to Batman: Arkham VR and the PS VR support for Resident Evil 7, though we’ve reached out to Crytek for clarification.

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