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Sairento Dev Releasing Demo For New VR Combat Game Hellsweeper Today

Sairento Dev Releasing Demo For New VR Combat Game Hellsweeper Today

Mixed Realms, the developer behind popular VR combat game, Sairento, is releasing a demo for its new title, Hellsweeper VR, today.

The public demo will go live on Steam at some point later today with support for SteamVR headsets. The developer says this is a “watered down version” of the full game that’s missing some modes and features, but has “enough core mechanics” to grasp what the developer is aiming for with the project.

You can head to the developer’s Discord to offer feedback on the experience. Check out some gameplay footage below.

Hellsweeper isn’t a direct sequel to Sairento, but does carry on the theme of pushing the intensity of VR combat. The game offers acrobatic action in which you fight off demons using slides and even backflips. The game employs “semi realistic physics” that allow you to tear enemies in two, throw them at other foes and even jump onto them and ride them around. Alongside swords and other melee weapons, you can also use firearms and spells.

The full version of the game will feature a rogue-lite mode in which players survive three acts with a variety of mission objectives like defeating waves of enemies or surviving a certain amount of time. There will also be a sandbox mode and Mixed Realms plans to add multiplayer features including co-op and PVP. Don’t expect that release come hit anytime soon though; Mixed Realms anticipates launching Early Access in Q3 of next year.

Are you going to be checking out the Hellsweeper demo? Let us know in the comments below!

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