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Halo Recruit Announced For Windows VR Headsets

Halo Recruit Announced For Windows VR Headsets

A few weeks back we caught word that Microsoft’s iconic Halo franchise would be coming to its new line of Windows 10 VR headsets, which are made by partners such as Asus and Dell, though we didn’t know in what form. Today, Microsoft revealed all.

Halo Recruit is coming to all Windows VR headsets at launch on Oct. 17. It will be a free, albeit brief experience designed to introduce players to the possibilities of Halo in VR. It’s developed by 343 Industries, the team behind Halo 4 and 5, and will offer you a glimpse of your favorite characters in VR.

We asked Microsoft whether this was the entirety of its Halo plans and received the following statement in response:

We’re just scratching the surface of the potential of technologies like mixed reality, and we’ll consider it if we can find the right experiences that would be authentic to the Halo universe, to Halo fans, and make best use of the technology. That said, we don’t have anything to share.

That’s all the information we have for now, but expect a decent look to pop up online relatively soon. This essentially sounds like a Halo tech demo for Windows VR, then. That was to be expected, though we were hoping for something a little bigger.

Halo Recruit will be available on the Windows Store on Oct. 17, though you’ll also be able to try it out at retail demo stations in the coming weeks.

Correction: Punctuation on the Halo title changed.

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