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Final Half-Life VR Oculus Quest Update Adds Hands And Fixes Flashlight

Final Half-Life VR Oculus Quest Update Adds Hands And Fixes Flashlight

After a long road, the developers of Lambda1, the Half-Life VR mod for Oculus Quest, just issued its final major update.

Version 1.4.3 of the mod, which lets you play the entire game and its two expansions inside Facebook’s standalone headset, mainly has quality of life fixes. There’s one important one, though; when you’re not holding a weapon or flashlight, you’ll be able to see a translucent hand model.

Previously, at the start of the game before you get your hands on any items, you wouldn’t be able to see your controllers moving through virtual space. With this update you’ll at least get to see some hands floating around, though they won’t have an impact in the wider world; you’ll still need to use the usual button presses to pick up items etc.

Elsewhere, flashlights have been fixed to prevent any lagging. There’s also a few control tweaks to make jumping and crouching a little easier.

Going forward, the mod’s developers only anticipate having to issue some minor patches for Lambda1. “This will allow us to concentrate on other projects and generally do some other stuff too!” the developer wrote in a Reddit thread.

We’ll be excited to see what the team does next. Of course, they’ve timed the end of their work on Lambda1 pretty well; Half-Life: Alyx is due for release on PC VR headsets on March 23. We’re pretty sure the Lambda1 team has earned a big enough break to play it for a bit.

Need help installing Half-Life VR on Quest? Check out handy guide right here.

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