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Half-Life VR Quest Mod Lambda1VR Gets Support For Blue Shift Expansion

Half-Life VR Quest Mod Lambda1VR Gets Support For Blue Shift Expansion

Already shot your way through Half-Life VR on your Oculus Quest? Good news; you can now play one of the original game’s expansions with the headset too.

Fan developer DrBeef_ldn just launched an update for its excellent Quest mod. It removes a certain issue at the start of Blue Shift that prevented players from accessing the game. While the developer admits he hasn’t trued Blue Shift support for himself, he says it should work. You can see a brief snippet of gameplay from the experience right here.

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Blue Shift was the first of three story-driven expansions for Half-Life. The game swapped out Gordon Freeman as the protagonist for one of the guards in the Black Mesa facility. It wasn’t developed by Valve but instead Gearbox Software.

That leaves an obvious question; will the second expansion pack, Opposing Force, get support too? “I expect once i have finished HL and BS the draw will be too much and I’ll feel compelled to give it a go,” the developer said on Reddit. “However it will be a lot like starting from scratch in a lot of respects.”

We’re not too familiar with the differences between Opposing Force and past Half-Life games so we’re not quite sure why that is. Still, fingers crossed it happens. The third expansion to the game was a co-op campaign exclusive to the PS2 edition, so don’t expect to see that in Quest.

Elsewhere in Half-Life VR news, rumors continue to stack up about a new game being developed by Valve itself for PC VR headsets. We’re still hoping we’ll see it this year, though the window’s starting to close.

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