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Half-Life: Alyx Is Available For A Record Low Price This Weekend

Half-Life: Alyx Is Available For A Record Low Price This Weekend

Half-Life: Alyx is on sale this weekend, available for a record low price.

Valve's flagship VR game is one sale this weekend, available for $20.39 – 66% off its regular price of $59.99. The offer is available until August 4.

The game's previous lowest sale price was just a bit higher at $23.99 (60% off). Usually these kind of big discounts only come into play during Steam's seasonal or holiday sales, but this record discount on Alyx has come out of nowhere and isn't accompanied by an event or larger sale across the store.

If you own a VR-ready PC setup and haven't already picked up Alyx then it's definitely worth picking up at this price – but also, why on earth haven't you got it already?

For that (likely very small) subset of PC VR players who haven't tried out Alyx yet, it is arguably the best PC VR experience available and rivaled by very few others. Here's a snippet from our 2020 review:

[Alyx is] a stunningly produced, meticulously refined capping off of the past four years of VR learnings. Its 10+ hours of best-in-class combat, evolving level design and, every so often, moments of truly inventive ideas swiftly establishes it as a new benchmark for the platform.

You can read the full review below and pick up Alyx on the Steam Store for $20.39 until August 4.

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