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Watch: Goldeneye VR Remake In Half-Life: Alyx Is Remarkably Faithful

Watch: Goldeneye VR Remake In Half-Life: Alyx Is Remarkably Faithful

The name’s Vance, Alyx Vance. Yes, modders are turning N64 classic, Goldeneye, into a VR game via the magic of Half-Life: Alyx.

The team behind the mod, which is being adapted level-by-level, recently showed off its work modding two of the 1997 classic’s most memorable levels, Facility and Dam, into virtual existence. You can try them out for yourself via the Steam workshop. Like most Alyx mods and tributes, the team’s work recreates map layouts and hopes to reproduce the feel of the original Goldeneye.

We tried out the first part of the Dam level and, although it’s unquestionably still Alyx in feel, the map layouts do an incredible job of replicating the look of the original. Watch on below for some serious nostalgia. We didn’t make it to the bit where you jump off the Dam because I can only imagine that making me want to throw up all kinds of nasty things.

This actually isn’t the only VR version of Goldeneye we’ve seen in recent months. Back in March, we reported on another game’s multiplayer Oculus Quest project, 00Quest. This unofficial tribute is actually a new game inspired by Goldeneye, but its assets and environments look practically identical for that of the original.

Goldeneye itself has seen the official remake treatment a few times over the years, most recently with a first-person shooter on Wii. Given that motion controls were already implemented, it’d be great to see a more official version of the iconic game in headsets at some point.

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