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Half-Life: Alyx Gets 3+ Hours Of Developer Commentary

Half-Life: Alyx Gets 3+ Hours Of Developer Commentary

Valve today announced a new Half-Life: Alyx Developer Commentary feature, adding over three hours of behind-the-scenes recordings to the VR blockbuster.

Alyx, which released earlier this year, is Valve’s first full Half-Life game in 13 years. It’s also the company’s first full VR game after experiments with The Lab. Not only that, but the later cycles of the game’s development took place under the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic that was taking hold just as the game released in March. You’d imagine, then, that there’s plenty of interesting stories to tell about the game’s development.

Half-Life: Alyx Developer Commentary Released

Following today’s update, then, you can start a new game of Alyx with the commentary enabled to find 147 ‘points of interest’ scattered across the game. These appear as headsets you put on, a little like turning the game into a virtual museum (a very nice touch). Valve does warn that, like the last few months of the game, the commentary was made in lockdown so not every point is delivered with the highest quality audio.

One obvious but important note to make: the Half-Life: Alyx developer commentary will contain spoilers, so don’t enable it on your first play-through of the game.

We’ve already got a little look inside the making of the game in The Final Hours Of Half-Life: Alyx, an interactive app that launched earlier this year. In that piece, the company revealed it was working on a top-secret project, though it’s not known if this is a full Half-Life 3 and if it will be in VR, either.

Will you be checking out the Half-Life: Alyx developer commentary? Let us know in the comments below!

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