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Someone Climbed Half-Life: Alyx's Citadel In SteamVR Home

Someone Climbed Half-Life: Alyx's Citadel In SteamVR Home

The Citadel is one of the most iconic structures in all of Valve’s Half-Life series. It’s a hulking behemoth, casting a long shadow over the totalitarian streets of City 17. Now, one rebel has actually managed to climb it… in VR.

YouTuber 3kliksphilip had the rather brilliant idea following the release of environments from the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx. Earlier this month, Valve gave people that own an Index a sneak peek at a handful of areas from the anticipated release, including one set in an outdoor area in City 17. But, using a SteamVR menu feature, you can actually pull yourself through the air in this environment.

Thus the ascent to the top of the Citadel begins. Fair warning, you might spoil some environments in the game. Then again, you might not.

It’s an epic and revealing trip. It gives you a look into how Valve is building such big environments for Alyx, with incomplete 3D models and lower quality textures placed far away from the player to reduce the demand on your PC. Eventually, 3kliksphilip reaches The Citadel and it’s surprisingly elaborate. It’s a twisting maze of architecture, just as impressive up close as it is from afar. The same can’t quite be said for City 17, though.

Eventually, he climbs so far up it’s tough to see the city. In fact, the top of the Citadel itself disappears. I guess not even Valve knows what’s really up there.

Half-Life: Alyx is due for release on March 23. Like you, we can’t wait to finally get our hands on it.

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