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Half-Life 2's VR Mod Looks Amazing In New Trailer

Half-Life 2's VR Mod Looks Amazing In New Trailer

We’re eagerly awaiting the three VR games that Valve is working on right now but, at the same time, modders are bringing Rift and Vive support to the studio’s most beloved game, Half-Life 2. New footage of that mod has been released today.

The trailer below starts off by offering a glimpse of City 17, which serves as the game’s memorable opening location. We can’t wait to explore it in VR, but far more tantalising is the second half of the footage, which shows the game’s iconic Gravity Gun being controlled with position-tracked devices like the HTC Vive wands or the Oculus Touch controllers. The idea of running through the entire campaign inside the Rift or Vive is, quite frankly, very exciting indeed. No word on when the mod will be released yet but you can’t be sure we’ll keep an eye out.

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