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Hado Kart Is Mario Kart in AR And It Looks Amazing

Hado Kart Is Mario Kart in AR And It Looks Amazing

Mario Kart made an unexpected debut in VR earlier this year for a Japanese arcade and it looks fantastic. We have to admit, though, that this AR karting game looks even better.

Hado Kart looks like a real life take on Mario Kart’s classic multiplayer battle mode It sees players put on a Microsoft HoloLens headset and then drive around an arena collecting virtual coins that appear inside their headsets while also avoiding bombs. Touch one of the explosives and your coins will scatter out across the track for others to scoop up. The highest score wins, but from the looks of it you’d be lucky to get out without any broken bones too.

This is an awesome concept that we’d love to see taken further. Imagine implenting a weapons system into the game so you could lock onto your friends with virtual missles or set traps for them to bumble into. Sadly, Hado Kart is only available in Japan right now, but there’s always a chance creator Meleap could bring it to the west.

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