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'Gundam' Comes To Life With New VR Experience

'Gundam' Comes To Life With New VR Experience

If you like giant robots punching each other in the face then you’re probably well versed in Transformers Gundam. Now the long-running series is getting its very own VR experience.

Namco Bandai has revealed a brand new VR piece based around the franchise, which made its name with an anime series all the way back in 1979. Named Gundam VR: Daiba Assault, the experience will be on display on the HTC Vive at the VR Zone: Project i Can center in Tokyo, Japan. As you might expect, it features two giant-sized machines trying to kick the living robotics out of each other, all presented through VR’s stunning sense of scale and immersion.

Make sure to watch the trailer for the experience above. It doesn’t show you much, but it’s worth it just to watch the guy clinging to his chair as he feels the impact of the battle. Never change, Japan.

The experience is actually based in a real world location: the Festival Plaza of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, where a real, life-sized version of a Mobile Suit from the series actually sits. I know this because I’ve been there and seen the thing tower above me myself. It’s pretty impressive, and to see it come to life in VR, pull out an axe and chop away at an enemy would certainly be something I’d want to watch, even if I had no clue what was actually going on.

The experience will cost 1,000 yen to watch, which works out to about $10. It lasts around eight minutes.

In fact, there’s even a 360 degree movie projected onto a dome that you can see inside the building behind the giant statue. That would make for quite a good VR experience too, but there’s no word on if it could come to headsets.

Sadly, there’s no word on if this experience will be released in the west either, though we’re really hoping it does. Maybe it’s best to let Bandai Namco know your thoughts on that one.

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