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F2P Shooter Gun Raiders Jumps From App Lab To Oculus Quest & Rift Store Soon

F2P Shooter Gun Raiders Jumps From App Lab To Oculus Quest & Rift Store Soon

Free-to-play VR shooter, Gun Raiders, is graduating from App Lab to the full Oculus Quest and Rift stores later this fall.

Developer Gun Raiders Entertainment confirmed the multiplayer title will make the jump to the official Facebook stores later this year, though a final date hasn’t yet been announced. It originally launched on App Lab all the way back in March of this year. Check it out in the trailer below.

Gun Raiders Trailer

Gun Raiders is an active shooter, featuring mechanics like jetpacks and wall running. You’ll master these features in arena-based battles. The game will feature a mix of deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the point and team assault. You can also customize your character and the game will support cross-play between Quest and Rift.

While the game is free to download and play, you can purchase a premium Battle Pass which will offer exclusive rewards. Expect these to mainly be cosmetics.

This won’t be the first project to launch first in App Lab and then find a home on the full Oculus Quest store. Earlier this month we covered the launch of Puzzling Places, which first ran extensive beta testing via App Lab before launching in full. It will, however, be Quest’s first free-to-play multiplayer shooter. Other titles like Population: One also take the battle pass route, but they’re premium downloads to being with.

Interested in Gun Raiders? Then you can, of course, get a headstart and try it out on App Lab now. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below!

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