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Guardians Frontline Receives Vehicles & Tech Update Today

Guardians Frontline screenshot

Guardians Frontline receives its first major update today, adding new vehicles, enhanced map editor tools and more.

Released last March, Guardians Frontline is an FPS and RTS hybrid reminiscent of Halo and Starcraft from VirtualAge Games. Calling this the ‘Vehicles & Tech Update,’ this free patch revamps how you maneuver across the battlefield by introducing "more weapons, vehicles, and tech tree upgrades." A lava biome, bug lair environments, new map editor tools and additional avatars are also included, alongside matchmaking improvements. You can see more below:


“Our Guardians have been hard at work defending the Federation and creating epic maps of their own for the community to experience following the game’s launch earlier this year,” said Carles Ballabriga, VirtualAge Games CEO in a prepared statement. “Like our players, we’ve been working diligently to further shape and refine the game following invaluable feedback.”

We had high praise in our Guardians Frontline review on Quest 2, calling it an "ambitious attempt" at combining RTS and FPS games.

Guardians Frontline is an ambitious attempt to combine the best elements of two disparate genres that succeeds in creating something truly original for the Quest platform. Through a mix of clever UI design and a focus on solid gaming fundamentals, VirtualAge manages to achieve something unique, intuitive and completely immersive.

Guardians Frontline is available on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR for $24.99, while the Vehicles & Tech Update is live now.

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