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Green Hell VR Confirmed For Quest, PC In 2021

Green Hell VR Confirmed For Quest, PC In 2021

First spotted back in April of this year, first-person survival game Green Hell is getting a VR version, and we now know what platforms it’s coming to.

European studio Incuvo today confirmed it’s working on the port of Creepy Jar’s gory PC title. It will come to PC VR headsets in Q3 of 2021 before arriving on the Oculus Quest later on in the year. Incuvo also says it will run an alpha test ahead of release. Check out some images of the game below.

Green Hell VR Confirmed

Green Hell VR Bow and Arrow

In Green Hell, you find yourself lost in the Amazon rainforest and must do what you can to survive. That will involve the usual survival staples like crafting weapons, using them to hunt for food and avoiding dangers. There is, however, some story to it, as players follow a familiar voice on a radio, tracing their steps back to how they found themselves in this mess.

Incuvo says it’s playing with a number of the game’s existing mechanics in the VR port, like making a bow and arrow more intuitive to use. We’ve also asked if cooperative multiplayer support will be included, as it features in the main game.

It looks pretty similar to The Forest, so it will be interesting to see how the VR support works out.

The developer previously worked with Bloober on a VR version of Layers of Fear — which we weren’t too keen on — and October’s Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition, which we thought was a great port. Hopefully Green Hell carries that momentum, then.

Will you be checking out Green Hell VR next year? Let us know in the comments below!


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