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Watch VR Survival Game Green Hell In Action

Watch VR Survival Game Green Hell In Action

Green Hell VR is shaping up, and we’ve got the latest look at the game from the Upload VR Showcase.

Developer Incuvo stopped by to show a new look at the port of the Creepy Jar game. It demonstrates the physical actions players will enact in the game, from firing a bow and arrow to chopping down trees and bandaging yourself. Incuvo is making sure the elements of the original flatscreen game feel truly native in VR.

In Green Hell players are stranded in a jungle and must survive using the resources around them. That means crafting and hunting but also treating gruesome injuries and fending for yourself against vicious predators.

We also learn some interesting new bits of info from Incuvo in the intro. For starters, the game’s two separate versions have been developed by two different teams inside Incuvo. The PC VR version is coming first and the Quest edition should follow later down the line. The PC VR version is aiming for a Q3 2021 release at this point in time.

Will you be picking up Green Hell VR later this year? Let us know in the comments below! And make sure to stay with us – there’s plenty more from the Upload VR Showcase to come!

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