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Green Hell VR Gets A PC VR Steam Festival Demo

Green Hell VR Gets A PC VR Steam Festival Demo

You’ll be able to get a first look at the upcoming PC VR version of Incuvo’s Green Hell VR today.

A free demo for the game is launching as part of the Steam Next Festival and will be running throughout the week. You can grab it here. There’s also a brand new trailer for the game showing plenty of footage, which you can see below.

Green Hell VR Demo Launches Today

We’re not sure exactly how much of the game you’ll get to play in the demo, but hopefully it’ll give us a glimpse of the lengths Incuvo has gone to adapt the Creepy Jar original into headsets. The trailer, meanwhile, gives us another look at crafting mechanics and the game’s bloody survival features, as well as some of the threats you’ll face deep in the jungle. Green Hell VR will make full use of VR motion controls, though online coop support won’t be arriving until a post-launch patch.

Whilst the demo is available to everyone, take note that some people with early access to the game have reported performance troubles with the current build. Incuvo is recommending only those with high-end machines try the demo and has also said that the final game will be better optimized.

There’s still no final release date for the game, but Incuvo does plan to launch Green Hell VR on both PC and Quest in the first half of 2022. Are you going to be checking the game out? Let us know in the comments below!

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