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5 Years On, Enduring VR Puzzler Gravity Lab Gets Big New Update

5 Years On, Enduring VR Puzzler Gravity Lab Gets Big New Update

Mark Schramm’s enduring VR puzzle game, Gravity Lab, is getting a big new update nearly five years on from launch.

The free Time Travel Update launches on August 19th. It’s coming to both PC VR and Quest, though it’ll make the one-year anniversary of the latter edition’s launch. Check out the trailer below.

As the name suggests, this update will introduce a time travel element that lets players step through portals to switch between the future and present. You’ll still have access to all the game’s classic mechanics, which see you placing tools in mid-air to guide orbs towards destination points. As such, you’ll notice different effects when moving between portals, like items aging or objects being placed in the future not existing in the past. You can even bring a future version of an item back into the present, delete the original version and watch the future version disappear too.

As always, you’ll be able to mess with these tools in the game’s level editor modes. The update will also add three new levels to the game that can each be mixed up three times through the game’s difficulty modes. The developer says it should take an hour or so to solve them all.

Gravity Lab is approaching its fifth birthday, having first arrived on PC VR in October 2016, so it’s pretty remarkable to see the game getting yet more updates this far in. We gave the game a Good rating when we reviewed the Quest release last year. Schramm revealed that over 16,000 people have solved over 230,000 levels in the puzzler across all platforms to date.

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