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Physics-Defying Puzzler Gravity Lab Is Coming To Oculus Quest

Physics-Defying Puzzler Gravity Lab Is Coming To Oculus Quest

Another chance to defy gravity is coming to Oculus Quest; Gravity Lab lands on the standalone headset soon.

We just confirmed the news at the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition today. Developed by Mark Schramm, Gravity Lab is a little like a sci-fi take on Lemmings… in VR. You have to direct spheres to a goal zone using a variety of tools. Helpfully, these tests are taking place in space, so you can plant obstacles and platforms pretty much wherever you see fit. Check out the trailer below.

Gravity Lab first came to PC VR headsets in 2016, making it something of a VR veteran. Since then, Schramm has kept the game up to date with new features including, most recently, support for the Valve Index controllers. Schramm himself has been working in VR for a long time, most recently joining the Superhot team and working on the Quest version of that game.

Like so many other titles, we’re betting Gravity Lab will find a natural home on Quest, though. Wire-free control will surely encourage players to build more elaborate constructions. Plus it’s one of those games that quickly and easily communicates the benefits of VR, which is perfect for a headset as accessible as Quest.

Will you be checking out Gravity Lab on Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below.

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