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Agile Online Shooter Grapple Tournament Is Now On Quest Via App Lab

Agile Online Shooter Grapple Tournament Is Now On Quest Via App Lab

Tomorrow Games’ agile online shooter, Grapple Tournament, is now on Meta Quest (formerly Oculus Quest) via App Lab.

The competitive, arena-based VR shooter arrived on the platform last week for $13.99 after hitting SteamVR in late 2020.  Both Quest 1 and 2 are supported. There’s also a free demo to try out with some limited single-player and occasional multiplayer content, which has been available since August.

Grapple Tournament Quest Launch Goes Live

The game’s still in early access mode on PC, so expect plenty of updates for both versions of the game from here on out. Check out a trailer for the game just above.

As you can see, Grapple Tournament is a fast-paced shooter in which players fly around tight maps using grappling hooks. The App Lab version of the game arrives with 12 weapons and support for solo and co-op play either against other humans or with bots. You’ll also have specific drone challenges to complete if you’re looking for something outside of the core arena combat. The game also fully supports cross-play, so you can play with PC VR players.

The game’s proven popular over the last year with nearly 200 user reviews on Steam with a ‘Very Positive’ rating. No word yet on when a full version of the game might launch, though.

Grapple Tournament joins a wide number of arena-based Quest shooters that have been released in 2021. Titles like Gunraiders and Larcenauts have also been competing for the shooter crown. We’ll be looking to see if any of them can topple the likes of Population: One and Onward as we move into 2022.

Are you going to check out Grapple Tournament on Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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