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Gorn PSVR Update Adds Movement Options, Height Calibration Fixes

Gorn PSVR Update Adds Movement Options, Height Calibration Fixes

A new Gorn PSVR update fixes many of the issues players have been talking about since release early last month.

Developer Free Lives just confirmed that a Gorn PSVR update patch should be going out later today, with a few key highlights. For starters, there are improvements made to the game’s opening height calibration system, which many players were having trouble with. Perhaps more importantly, though, Free Lives added ‘additional movement options’ to the game.

At launch, Gorn PSVR only supported movement via grabbing the air and pulling yourself through the world. We’re not sure exactly what’s in these new options but hopefully, there will be something for everyone. Plus, the patch reduces the difficulty of the Alimta battle, which people were really struggling with given the tracking limitations of PSVR.

On that note, the game also adds the option to remove the PSVR guardian system, which automatically displays when players are getting too close to the edges of camera tracking. It’s quite a helpful feature in a game such as this, but can also be distracting.

This patch does away with some of the problems we cited with Gorn PSVR earlier this month, then. Even with those issues considered, though, this is still a rock-solid port of one of our favorite PC VR games. It still doesn’t sound like there’s a way to easily pick objects off of the ground up just yet, but hopefully that could come in a future update.

Will you be checking out the Gorn PSVR update? Let us know in the comments below!

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