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Gorn PSVR 'A Couple Of Weeks Away' From Completion, Release Date Still Unclear

Gorn PSVR 'A Couple Of Weeks Away' From Completion, Release Date Still Unclear

The highly anticipated PSVR port of Gorn is nearing completion, but don’t expect a release date just yet.

In a fresh update from developer Free Lives (seen below), Community and Brand Manager Terence Mentor explained that the game is still “a couple of weeks away” from being finished. Does that mean Gorn PSVR’s release date is a couple of weeks away? Not exactly.

As Mentor goes on to explain, once the game’s finished it will still need to be submitted for Sony’s certification process, which can come with its own road bumps. Getting accepted across all regions of Sony’s stores has been a sticky point for lots of developers, though this isn’t Free Lives’ first PS4 release.

Once it’s in Sony’s hands, Free Lives really doesn’t have much say in if it’s accepted, nor how long it might take to be accepted. For that reason, the studio isn’t giving a Gorn PSVR release date just yet.

“We know that you guys are super excited to play the game, we’re excited for you to play the game, but we just need a little bit more patience, if that’s okay,” Mentor concluded.

After years of Early Access development, Gorn finally released on PC VR headsets in full last year. It was one of our favorite VR games of 2019, sporting hilarious, physics-based arena VR combat in which you mercilessly bash meatheaded goons into submission. The game’s ludicrously over-the-top violence means it isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s far too silly to cause any kind of moral concern.

Are you still waiting out on the Gorn PSVR release date? Let us know in the comments below!

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