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Watch: 10 Minutes Of Gorn PSVR Gameplay From the Full Build

Watch: 10 Minutes Of Gorn PSVR Gameplay From the Full Build

Yes, you read that right, we’re playing Gorn on PSVR right now, and we’ve got the first footage for you below.

Check out 10 minutes of Free Lives’ long-anticipated PSVR port right here. After months of delays, Gorn is finally touching down on the console on May 19th. It was first released on PC VR headsets in Early Access a few years back, with the full version arriving last July.

We’ll save deeper impressions for when we’ve got a longer look at the game but for now, this sure feels like Gorn on PSVR. That’s no small feat; the original game is a physics-heavy, slapstick gladiator game in which heads can be pulled off, arms and legs can be sliced away and meat-headed goons waggle back and forth from the crushing impact of hammers and maces.

Based on 10 minutes with the game, all that’s intact here, with little in the way of sacrifice. Using the Move controllers to aim a bow and arrow is a bit of a pain, as is the inability to turn your body, but from a technical perspective, it’s a good early impression. Enemy numbers reached up to four at one time in the first level and it didn’t seem like any of the original’s decapitation was missing.

That’s a good thing, as we think the original version of Gorn is kind of great. “Gorn is the product of two years of tireless Early Access development,” we said in our review. “What started out as a laughable bit of nonsense has gradually evolved into, well, a much more polished and expansive bit of nonsense. It’s a toybox filled with razor-sharp playthings and endless action figures to use them on, upheld by a combat system that bends reality to eschew awkwardness.”

Again, though, that’s just our initial thoughts. We’ll need a little longer to deliver our final verdict on Gorn on PSVR, but things are looking up. If Free Lives pulls it off, we’ll have another great port akin to the recent PSVR version of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on our hands.

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