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Gorn Oculus Quest Release Date Revealed

Gorn Oculus Quest Release Date Revealed

The Gorn Oculus Quest release date was just announced, and there’s not long to wait.

Free Lives’ bloody gladiator combat game hits the platform on January 28th. It’s a pretty speedy turnaround for the port, which was first confirmed in September 2020. Gorn’s PSVR version, which released last year, suffered numerous delays before making it out the door and Free Lives and 24 Bit Games (who handled both PSVR and Quest ports) noted they wouldn’t share information on the standalone verison until it was ready.

Gorn’s official Twitter account also shared two screenshots of the new version of the game this week, which you can see below. And, well, it looks like Gorn. You can definitely spot some graphical drawbacks but, without seeing the game in motion, it’s tough to know how it will hold up. It’s worth saying, though, that the PSVR port was very well done.

Since its first launch in Early Access years back, Gorn has proven to be one of our favorite VR games. Its sandbox combat, driven by over-the-top violence and convincing melee combat, is a real joy. We’ve long wanted to try the game’s intense brand of arena showdowns without a wire tugging at the back of our heads, and this will be our first chance to try that out.

Now that you know the Gorn Oculus Quest release date, will you be picking the game up? Let us know in the comments below!

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