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Gorilla Tag's New Canyon Map Is Now Available In Beta

Gorilla Tag's New Canyon Map Is Now Available In Beta

Haven’t broken your VR controllers yet? Priceless nearby heirlooms still in one piece? Then good news; Gorilla Tag‘s new canyon map is now available in beta.

This initial version of the map went live over the weekend, and swaps out the game’s woodland setting for a new rocky environment. Right now map developer Lemming says this release is mainly to focus on the feel of the map. There are some graphical issues and other glitches, but these should be addressed within time.

Gorilla Tag New Map Goes Into Beta

Canyon introduces some interesting twists to the formula. The winding path at the top of the level is tough to stay on top of and, if you fall, there’s only a few spots below that allow you to easily navigate back up. It’ll definitely allow for some different playstyles from the game’s original map.

To access the map on Steam you just need to install the latest beta branch. If you’re on Quest you’ll need to go Gorilla Tag’s store page on the Oculus app, press ‘Version’ and you’ll be taken to the notes page, from which you can switch between live and beta versions.

Gorilla Tag has proved to be a bit of a VR sensation since its launch in February. The game uses an arm-swinging locomotion style that has players bounding through the environment, up trees and over walkways. With three players the game is essentially a spin on VR tag, but with four or more you can play an infected variant in which infected gorillas chase down survivors.

Elsewhere Gorilla Tag recently got a new casual mode in which players can relax without any of the usual rules, and some of the walls at the top of the forest map have been made slippery to prevent people escaping the level.

Will you be checking out the new Gorilla Tag map? Let us know in the comments below!

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